Immulina Plus

"Polish Roots" of Immulina

Immulina has been developed by team of scientists under leadership of dr. David Pasco-Paszkowskiego, from the National Center for Natural Products Research at the Mississippi University in the USA. Dr. David Pasco-Paszkowski is a grand-son of Polish emigrants and his grandfather's original name – Paszkowski – has been shortened to Pasco to be easier to pronounce.

Dr. Pasco argues that the special extract from Spirulina platensis, present in Immulina, is one of the most powerful natural compound boosting innate immunity. It is worth to take Immulina regularly because in this way we "train" our immune system assuring "daily exercise dose". Thanks that our immune system performs better, what makes it becomes good body defender against attack of intruders from outside or inside. Dr. Pasco himself and some members of his team are taking Immulina to support immune health daily.

Dr. Pasco presentation, made in Warsaw on September 2008: "Spirulina Extract and Immune System".

Tested in renowned institutions

Immulina has been comprehensively tested in several renowned medical institutions in the USA and Europe.

  • State University Mississippi and National Center for Natural Products Research, Mississippi – Dr. David S. Pasco, Dr. Nirmal D. Pugh, Dr. Premalatha Balachandran.
  • State University Louisiana, Baton Rouge, Louisiana – Dr. Gus Kasoulas
  • Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland – Dr. Carmelita Frondoza, Dr. Reinhard Grzanna
  • Statens Serum Institut, Copenhagen – Prof. Allan Wiik, Ret.
  • Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm – Prof. Martin Schalling
  • Institute for Optimum Nutrition, Copenhagen – M.Sc. Eva Lydeking-Olsen
  • Kasima Medical Development AB, Falsterbo, Sweden – Dr. Lars Lidmark

How to Use Immulina Plus?

Immulina Plus Liquid form is to be taken as daily dietary supplementation. This product may be taken while having a meal or after meal. The children older than 1 year: 2.5 ml attached measuring cup (½ teaspoon), consult your family doctor or paediatrician before. Children older than 3 years: 5 ml measuring cup (1 teaspoon).

The daily dose may be doubled temporarily eg. in common cold and flu season and/or in case of impaired immune function.

The Immulina Plus Liquid is a natural product therefore the taste may vary from batch to batch and the bottle may contain sediment what does not constitute any product fault. Please shake the bottle well before each use!

  Immulina Plus Immulina Plus
Ingredient Name
Amount [mg] for
½ measure of liquid
= 2.5 ml = ½ teaspoon
Amount [mg] for
1 measure of liquid
= 5 ml = 1 teaspoon
Acerola Extract providing 25 % of
C vitamin
LCEPEEN from Spirulina Extract
Yeast Extract providing 70 % of
1,3/1,6 β-D-glucan
Zinc (as zinc gluconate

Half a measure of liquid (2.5 ml) contains 1.7 g of sugar = 6.9 kCal (29.0 kJ) = 0.5 % dietary reference value 33 % of vitamin C and 38 % of zinc dietary reference value.
One measure of liquid (5 ml) contains 3.4 g of sugar = 13.8 kcal (58.0 kJ) = 1.0 % dietary reference value. 66 % of vitamin C and 76 % of zinc dietary reference value.
All given DRV figures are for childern above 3 years of age.

If your child does not like the taste it is recommended to give a well chilled product (from fridge approx. 4 - 6 °C). It is very small volume and shall not have any negative impact on throat health.

Immulina Plus Capsules for youth and adults. There are two types of capsules regular and forte. The forte capsules have doubled amount of LCEPEEN and β-glucan. The exact amounts are given in a table below.

  Immulina Plus Immulina Plus Forte
Ingredient Name
Amount [mg] for 1 capsule
Amount [mg] for 1 capsule
LCEPEEN from Spirulina Extract
Yeast Extract providing 70 % of
1,3/1,6 β-D-glucan
Acerola Extract providing 20 % of
C vitamin
Zinc (as zinc gluconate)

Immulina Plus in a liquid form might be taken by vegetarians and vegans. Immulina Plus capsules is not suitable for vegetarians and vegans as it has gelatin capsule shell.

Unique Formula of Immulina Plus

Immulina Plus is the new generation immuno-suplement in form of liquid (suspension) for children or person that does not like capsules to swallow and in form of capsules for youth and adults. Immulina Plus comprises of as many as four active ingredients: (1) Spirulina Platensis Extract providing high-molecular lipo-polysaccharide complex – LCEPEEN, (2) Baker's Yeast Extract providing high-molecular polysaccharide complex – β-1,3/1,6 D-glucan, (3) Acerola Fruit Extract providing natural vitamin C in complex with bioflavonoids. These bioflavonoids are naturally sourced with rutin being extracted from Acerola Fruit, (4) Zinc as zinc gluconate in a form that is easy to assimilate.

The macromolecular compounds of Immulina Plus:

  • LCEPEEN complex from Spirulina Extract and
  • β-1,3/1,6 D-glucan from Baker's Yeast Extract

These large particles imitate some antigens of bacteria, viruses and pathogenic fungi. After oral administration they are too large to be absorbed from digestive tract.

Uptake of large particle compounds like LCEPEEN and
β-glucan occurs primarily in the ileum area through specialized cells called M cells (M = microfold). Overlying follicles that help grab key particles surround the dome shaped center of the M cells. M cells take up particulate through a mechanical process called pinocytosis (the uptake by a cell by invagination). This is a physical grabbing of the large particles and pulling them through the lining of the intestinal wall. A large number of T cells, B cells, macrophages, and dendritic cells hover here and as the phagocytes engulf and digest antigen, they then present antigen markers to the T cells. It is remarkable that M cells will take soluble as well as particulate materials.

Click the image above in order to magnify it.

The above illustration shows how the immune system is activated by large particles. The essential role plays lymphatic tissue of the gastro-intestinal tract* so called GALT. One says that our immunity comes from your stomach.

The first effects on immune system of Immulina administration appears pretty fast e.g. within 2 - 5 days. There are observed several laboratory changes corresponding to an improvement of various immunological parameters:

  • Increase of NK cells activity (natural killer cells) - are a type of cytotoxic lymphocyte critical for the innate immune system.
  • Increase of IgA production – an immunoglobulin associated with mucosal membranes and protecting our body against various invaders
  • Increase of IFN-γ – this cytokine is critical for innate and adaptive immunity
  • Increase of IL-6 – (interleukine 6 - a substance released by T cells and macrophages) that activates immune defence

The remaining compounds of Immulina Plus:

  • Vitamin C from acerola extract
  • Rutin also from acerola extract
  • Zinc

They play important roles in nutrition, immune defence and maintenance of immune health.

The Cochrane Systematic Review shows that vitamin C reduced the risk of developing a cold. It appears that vitamin C does help with symptoms, especially in children. It’s a modest effect, but the duration of the cold is reduced by almost 15%.

There are also substantial health benefits coming from rutin** – Immulina compound – belonging to bioflavonoids (active compound of Acerola Extract).

It is undisputable essential role of zinc in immune health. It has been shown in several papers that immune system of people having low zinc level performs worse. This finding is related to malnutrition and small children in developing countries in particular.

There has been a lot of talk about taking zinc for colds ever since a 1984 study showed that zinc supplements kept people from getting as sick. Since then, research has turned up mixed results about zinc and colds.

Recently an analysis of several studies showed that zinc lozenges or syrup reduced the length of a cold by one day, especially when taken within 24 hours of the first signs and symptoms of a cold.

Thus all four active ingredients of Immulina Plus are working together in synergy† hence more effective the Immulina Plus is.


* The gut-associated lymphoid tissue (GALT) consists of isolated or aggregated lymphoid follicles forming Peyer's patches (PPs). By their ability to transport luminal antigens and bacteria, PPs can be considered as the immune sensors of the intestine. PPs functions like induction of immune tolerance or defense against pathogens result from the complex interplay between immune cells located in the lymphoid follicles and the follicle-associated epithelium.

** Rutin is a plant polyphenolic compound from the bioflavonoid group, found in many fruits, vegetables, leaves, and grains. It can be used as an ingredient in supplements, beverages, or foods and numerous multivitamin preparations and herbal remedies.

† The four active compounds of Immulina act in synergy. Synergy (synergistic effect, from Attic Greek. συνεργία "work together") – cooperation of various factors or substances that working together they produce effect greater than the sum of their individual effects.


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